... in Christ, working to be a place of radical

welcome and compassion.










A Reconciling in Christ Congregation


At St. Peter's Church, all who seek God are welcome at worship, and Holy Eucharist, regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental ability, economic status, Lutheran or not, baptized or not.


 Sunday Mornings:


Family worship/Eucharist  9:00


Traditional worship/Eucharist 11:00




Tonight....fire and water, darkness and light...new life from what was dead...the shout goes out...the joy goes up to be heard in the highest heavens...the first Mass of Easter...The Great Vigil of Easter...7pm tonight at

St Peter's Port Jervis.

Join us!

Join us for Holy Week:


4/17 Maundy Thursday 7pm


Good Friday:

Noon Worship, Proper Liturgy 7pm


Saturday - Easter Vigil: 7pm


Easter Sunday Festival Eucharist:

Family - 9 AM

Traditional - 11 AM

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St. Peter's Lutheran Church

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